Secret sauce to success? Client Experience.

What makes you so special anyway?

If you have to set yourself apart as a business — do it through an exceptional client experience. You gotta wow ’em. In business today, you will often hear the phrase ‘great client experience’. But what does it actually mean? A great customer experience is one where you are able to leave an amazing impression on your clients. While this sounds simple to do, it isn’t. You need to ensure that your brand and business is memorable to your clients while also providing a great service and a professional touch. This will help you win the hearts of your customers. In this blog, we will explore the three “R’s” of client experience. No — not “reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic”

Referrals, Retention, Reputation! :)

My favorite client referral success story is Monique. Monique was our “guinea pig” client who so graciously laid on the sword to try our idea of Virtual Assistant Matchmaking. After a successful process (which has been dramatically improved through time and feedback!), she hired her assistant, Syril. Syril is now the backbone of Monique’s business and a powerhouse in her own right. What happened next was incredible. Monique told EVERYONE about her experience with us and how much Syril has up-leveled her business. She gave us an amazing testimonial for our website and continues to send people our way to this day. All because we went the extra mile, we did our best and then gave a little more. Shameless reciprocal plug for our amazing client: Please check all the amazing things she is doing in helping businesswomen find their purpose hereon her app, FemLM!

There are many ways to increase your business, but the one thing that most people forget is that word of mouth is still the best advertising you can get. You can spend thousands of dollars on TV ads, but it’s at the cost of your brand, and you’re not even sure if the ad actually worked. You can put up billboards, but again, it’s at the cost of your brand and your business. You can even do radio ads, but they are pretty expensive as well. The only way to get the best return on your marketing investment is by having a great client experience process. If you want to get more referrals, then you need to make sure that your clients are happy with your service and that they would gladly refer you to their friends and family.

Companies that offer customers great experiences are not just more likely to keep their customers, but are also more likely to get referrals and develop a good reputation. So, what makes for a great experience? The best experience is one that is tailored to the individual person. It is one where the user can have as much control as possible over the experience. It is an experience that is easy to use and understand. It is one that the user feels is on their side and is trustworthy. And it is an experience that the user finds convenient. When you create a customer experience like this, you can grow your business in a way that is fast and relatively low cost.

Want to earn up to 95% more profit? Retain those clients!

In an article in the Harvard Business School article “The Economics of E-Loyalty,” the statistics were loud and clear. “The bottom line: increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.” When you’re in business, your number one goal is to gain new customers. And once you get those customers, you want to keep them. This is a lesson that many new businesses learn the hard way when they realize that they’re losing a lot more customers than they’re gaining. If you’re in a competitive industry, it’s all too easy to get lost in the sea of options. But once you land a new customer, make it your mission to hold onto them. Keeping customers isn’t always easy, but there are a few things you can do to help ensure that your customers are happy and loyal.

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to make a living. The importance of client retention cannot be emphasized enough. In fact, according to some studies, every single client you lose could cost you up to $25,000.

But how do you keep clients from leaving? One of the best ways to retain clients is to offer them an outstanding client experience. A great client experience includes everything from outstanding customer service to a fantastic website. Make it fun, make it easy to work with you. Solve their problems!

But what is a client experience? Simply put, it is the way that your clients perceive you and your business. It is the sum of all the interactions they have with your business, both in-person and online, both positive and negative. The client experience is a two-way street, with your business on one side and the customer on the other. On the business side, a client’s experience can be affected by everything from the professionalism of your employees to the quality of your customer service. On the customer side, the experience is affected by everything from your appearance to your product or service.

Company Reputation: What’s the word on the street?

In business, there are many things that you can do that will help position yourself higher than other businesses. Getting good reviews from happy customers is one of the most important things — they talk! And in today’s world, they may even post on social media or yelp! Making people smile is something companies like yours can really cash in on when handled correctly, and it will come back to you in a positive way over and over again if you give your team the chance for success by setting them up for success!

A well-thought-out customer experience process is the key to successful client retention. Research has shown that the customer experience process can have a significant effect on customer loyalty. It creates loyal customers who stick with your company for years because they will know what to expect and have an understanding of how your company works.

Get on the phone! Send an e-card! Text or send snail mail. You’ve no doubt heard that advice a thousand times before. But just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not true. The bottom line is that your company is special. It was founded on the principle that you can solve your customer’s problem in a way that no other company can. So prove it! Be the best and push yourself to stay the best to the clients who have already given you money. You’ve got this. I believe in you.

If you ever need support with your client experience or re-engagement, feel free to reach to out to chat



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